Cheers from Austria

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Cheers from Austria

Postby lisa » 31. Mar 2016 13:30

I discovered this forum during some internet research for university. I recently started studying Icelandic and I´ve been homebrewing for about two years now, so I thought combining these two interests of mine might be a good incentive to delve into the Icelandic langue ;) It is still really difficult for me to read the language - let alone write or speak it, I hope that´s ok.
I come from a part of Europe, where beer culture is practically everywhere and we have many traditional beer styles, but I am corious to know what beer styles are popular among homebrewers from Iceland :)
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Re: Cheers from Austria

Postby MargretAsgerdur » 3. Apr 2016 11:56

I think IPAs are among the most popular styles to brew. But I think many of us brew both out of curiosity and to match our taste buds. I like to brew beers that are not bitter nor coffee-like. So my brewing is both a combination of brewing a style I have not tasted or something to satisfy my taste buds.
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