Aðalfund 2015 - Meeting minutes

Upplýsingar frá stjórn Fágunar, svo sem stofnsamþykktir, reglur, skráning í félagið, o. fl.
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Aðalfund 2015 - Meeting minutes

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All proposals passed with minor amendments.
New 5 person board: Siggi æpiei, Ásta Ósk, Hrefna Karitas, Plammi, Gummi Kalli
Skoðunarmaður reikningur: Þórgnyr (Elvar varamaður)
Félagsgjöld 2016: 5000kr/year

Attendence: 13 (Full list in the paper book, available on request if desired)
Location: Friðahúsið SHA
Beers/food: ~8-9 home brews, plus a variety of easter beers, cheeses and sausages, home made pickles all sorts.
20:00 -> 00:30 or so

Raw detailed order of events
Fairly raw, and of course, long.
For all votes, the figures given are "For, Against, Abstain" The numbers do not always add up to 13. During the evening some people went for a toilet break during the meeting, some people left to go home, some people went to get drinks.
For all proposals, the original and new sections were read, discussions, written amendments presented, amendments voted on, amended proposal re-read entirely, and a final vote.

Meeting opened 2015 by Siggi
Elected Elvar fundarstjori (unopposed)
Nominated karlp fundarritari (unopposed) (yay, last time!)
Chairman's address: Siggi reviewed the 2014 year. See attached doc:
Fágun – Skýrlsa stjórnar 2014.docx
(10.04 KiB) Downloaded 915 times
Ársreikningur presented by Ásta Ósk: See attached docs:
Notes for future years:
  • "skuldir vegna komnandi aðalfundur" should be marked separately.
  • Show previous years on accounts (confusing this year due to change in félagsárið)
  • t-shirts are an asset, but have already been written off. Not necessarily the best book keeping practice
Refill break for 2 minutes, from 20:42 to 20:47.

Ásta reviewed the work done by the committee.

Tillaga 8: (about the 2 gr, "markmið")
Points raised on strength of words like "berjast", clarifications on intent of "gegn eimingu", points on "til einkanotu" vs "í heimahus"
Three final proposed amendments:
1. Change "í heimili" to "til einkanota"
2. "heimila gerjruun bjor og vin" -> "heimila gerjun drykkja"
3. drop "ekki er átt við eimingur"

p3: voting 10,1,3 => Passed
p2: voting 8,1,4 => passed
p1: voting 8,3,2 => passed

Tillaga 8 (after amendments) was re-read and then voted on: 11, 0, 2 ==> Passed

Tillaga 3, section 2: Name for 2 grein, "Markmið" voted : 12,0,1 ==> Passed
Tillaga 3, section 3: Name for 3 grein, "Starfsemi" voted : 13,0,0 ==> Passed

Tillaga 2 Drop old grein 2.
No discussion, straight to voting : 13,0,0 ==> Passed

Tillaga 4 "starf stjornar"
Confirmed that nothing in current rules or proposed stops people from being permanently (at least intentionally, re-reading now, with 5 person "stjorn" without divided roles, I don't see how anyone can stay in stjorn, but not exceed the 4 years for a given position...)
Unfunny jokes about Karl being the permanent secretary asside, This proposal in general was not opposed. It has been clear from prior years that it's too much work for three people, in as much as a single person dropping out makes it far too difficult for the remaining people.
With no real objections, no amendments, this went straight voting: 13,0,0 ==> passed
Tillaga 3, section 4: Name for 4 grein, "Starf stjórnar" voted : 13,0,0 ==> Passed

Tillaga 5: "félagsfundir"
Karl proposed dropping "mondays" from the laws. (only need to be explicit about monthly, the rest is tradition and best practice)
Siggi opposed, clarity, protects from laziness. Some compromises suggested, (meeting in first week) Ernir suggested even fixing the location in the laws. Þorgnyr requesyed we all get back on track.
Single amendment, to drop the explicit day of the weeks and allowed rescheduling: 12,1,0 ==> Passed

Final re-read after amendements: voting: 12,0,0.
Tillaga 3, section 5: Name for 5 grein
heh, amenments!
1: Simply "viðburðir" voting: 10,0,0 => Passeed

Afyllingahlé for "2 minutes" from 22:12 to 22:21

Tillaga 6 "aðalfundur"
Plammi questioned having the fjárhagsáætlun presented before the elections. Siggi/Ásta explained the outgoing stjorn has more information, and it's only a proposal. Often there's carryover between years anyway.
1: Drop "2 varamenn" :: voting: 8,3,1 ==> passed
2: Drop "1 varamaður í endurskoðun" :: voting: 3,5,4 ==> felld
3: replace "endurskoðandi" with "skoðunarmaður reikningur" (because protected job titles are a thing! yay for grumpy accountants!)
:: voting: 11,0,1 ==> passed

After amendments; voting: 12,0,0 ==> Passed

Tillaga 3, section 6: Name for "aðalfundur" voted : 12,0,0 ==> Passed
Tillaga 3, section 7: Name for "lagabreytingur" voted : 12,0,0 ==> Passed
Tillaga 3, section 8: Name for "rekstraafgangur":
Amendments (As alternatives, these were voted by poll)
1. Meðferð hagnaðar/taps: 1
2. Bjórmagnið: 1
3. Hrat: 12
Final Name: "hrat"

Tillaga 3, section 9: Name for "Félagsslit" voted : 10,0,2 ==> passed
Notes: after we'd already accepted, this, we thought it should really be renamed "Förgun" A task for coming years perhaps?

Tillaga 7: menn -> folk
Just these two clauses, not anywhere else in the laws. Debate about whether this constitutes a change in the club name or not.
Reminder that the club has the wrong name with RSK anyway. Proposals to replace the "sameina ahugamenn" with "... ahugafolk" but not to change the name. Various ranting about the meaning of "menn" (These will not be helped by me writing in english, which has different meanings) Proposals that this doesn't far enough.
Proposals about complete name changes, such as to english "Icelandic Homebrewer Association" were dismissed out of hand by most present as out of scope and unwarranted. After much (as expected) discussion, only a single amendment was tabled:
p1: replace "folk" with "manneskja":: voting: 1,8,2 == > felld

Tillaga 7 - after amendments: voting: 8,2,1 ==> passed

Small break at 23:06

For the new five man board we had (after some cajoling) 6 nominees, and conducted a secret ballot with each voter having 5 votes (which were not meant to be used for the weighting for the same person, so some votes were _partially_ discarded. Likewise, some votes for people neither nominated nor present were also discarded)

Initial vote results:
Þórgnýr: 8
Gummi Kalli: 9
Ásta Ósk: 10
Hrefna Karitas: 9
Siggi æpiei: 9
Plammi: 8

Plammi and Þórgnyr held a runnoff election, after both of them giving speeches. (We should have had small speeches from all nominees, but people were getting antsy)
Runnoff results: Plammi winning 7 votes to 3.

Skoðunarmaður reikningur: Þorgnyr elected unopposed, Varamaður: Elvar unopposed

Fjarhagsáætlunin 2015/2016:
Ásta proposed 5000kr unchanged for 2016 year.
Hrefna questioned what "visindaferð" meant in this context. Asta explained this was just a general trip like the recent ölvisholt trip or similar. Someone proposed that an actual visindaferð, where people come to visit fagun would also be a good idea.

A proposal to introduce a "partner membership" for 3000k was presented. This was presented as a way to "raise membership" and "encourage partners to come to events" And that somehow 10k per year was far too much. Arguments that coming to a single event was all anyone did anyway, were ignored. This "partner" membership was expected to have full and equal membership rights, without having to pay for it. Despite no real evidence that this is actually necessary, or that more paper members who want to pay 3000kr per year, instead of 2500kr for the single event that they attend is actually a good thing, this went to a vote, and passed: 7,1,1. (Note that there's absolutely no definition of "partner" in this)

Önnur Mál
It was rather late at this point, and quite a few remaining people wanted to leave immediately for busses. So despite some people _having_ other issues that they would have liked to discuss at the aðalfund, most discussion topics were held. A lengthy and circular discussion about "rekstraafgangur" vs "eigið fé" and the finer points of accounting practises and the current and newly amended club constitution was held, going nowhere in particular, which led to the meeting being formally closed at 00:03

Most "önnur mál" should be brought up by concerned parties at the next available monthly meeting, ideally, March 2, where the entire new board should be present to announce their plans for the coming year.

Finally, after the meeting, the few remaining members finally relaxed a little, cleaned the room, finished the beer and cheese, and headed home.
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