Aðalfundur 2014 - Meeting minutes

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Aðalfundur 2014 - Meeting minutes

Postby karlp » 24. May 2014 16:25

Location: Friðarhúsið, Njálsgata. 18:30 to 22.20, Friday May 23, 2014
Attendance: 14, up to 17. Then a few extra after the meeting

Quick summary:
  • félagsárið er núna almanaksárið, 1-Jan -> 31 Dec ár hvert.
  • félagsgjald 2015 = 5000kr
  • félagsgjald út árið 2014 = 2500 kr
  • aðalfundur to be held in jan or feb of each year. (after the félagsárið)
  • formaður: Siggi (æpiei)
  • gjaldkeri: Ásta (astaosk)
  • ritari: Karl (karlp)

Full minutes follow (as best as can be done, lots of people talked a lot)

Fundarstjóri: Ulfar Linnet

Eyvindur gave a president's address.
Requests were made for the announcement of the aðalfundur to be made via email, not just the forum thread. No objections will be done in future.
More requests for better basic information on fagun.is. No objections, major task for this year's stjórn.

Law changes
I don't have the final wording of these changes I'm afraid, Eyvindur/Siggi/Asta/Ulfar will be collating the wording.

Eyvindur's proposal to lengthen the allowed term of any position from two years to 4 years was passed, 11/14 votes for. Elvar's alternative to limit to 4 years total in management failed to pass, 5/14. Siggi's alternative to only have elections for half of the positions, every other year, (senate style) failed to reach a vote.

Eyvindur's and Siggi's proposals about committees were both withdrawn in favour of Ásta's proposal that the management board can create committees as it sees fit (skipa nefnd) Dabby proposed that both the board _and_ the aðalfundur can create committees. Dabby's alternative passed with 9/14 votes for, 2/14 against.

Eyvindur's lengthy proposal that combined the changes in félagsárið with the change in date of the aðalfundur caused lengthy debate. discussions ranged around technicalities, like reviewing old accounts, to ease of operations for the treasurer, and ease of understanding for members. Comparisons were made to other clubs, to companies, and everything in between. Ulfar pulled it all together, and we split the vote into two portions. A simple vote to change the félagsár to the alamanaksár was passed unanimously, 14/14 votes.

This is a major and important change, it greatly simplifies things for members (when is membership due, am I member at the moment, when is my membership valid until) it simplifies things for the treasurer, letting them finish accounts for the year cleanly, allowing them time to be prepared and audited before the aðalfundur. All prior objections to this change in years past had been based on technicalities. We finally got this change through though. Which leads to...

aðalfundur will be held "before the end of february" each year. This passed with 12/14 votes for, 1/14 against. Alternatives were "in january" which failed with 2/14 votes for, 8/14 against. Alternatives for "in november" and "in the first quarter of the year" and "in the month of Harpa" all failed to reach a vote, or were withdrawn.

At this point we paused for pizza, it already being 20:10 (Note for any future management, 7 pizzas for 14 people busily drinking beer is just barely enough)

During the pause proposals on "maka afslátt" were discussed and will be brought up in önnur mál.

After the pause, with Helgi's final arrival, we received the treasurer's report. (which I unfortunately do not have a copy of at this time) The skoðunarmaður, Ingi Már, was not present, and the report had not been sent to him for audit before the meeting anyway.

Questions were raised (as in previous years) about why we are paying for web hosting. Hrafnkell (again) offered to host the site for us. In conjunction with other issues with the website, this is a major point for the coming stjórn to address.

Many questions were raised about the style and presentation of the accounts. They were accepted, 8/14 votes for, on the condition that they are "settur upp á formlegri hátt" and given to the _new_ skoðunarmaður for audit.

(This is another major benefit of splitting the accoutning year from the mangement year. Having accounts finished and crossing over management years should greatly improve the consistency and quality of the accounting, unlike the current style where every year's accounting was almost completely from scratch)

Pálmi (plammi) was elected unopposed (15/15 votes for) to be skoðunamaður, with the role of auditing the 2013-2014 accounts prepared by Helgi, _as well_ as the accounts for the remainder of the 2014 year, prepared by Ásta, to be presented at the 2015 aðalfundur.

At this point we had more discussion points.
Dabby shared that the club has been offered to visit to Eimverk distillery. Up to 15 people at a time, against some style of "home brew for tour" barter. A very nice offer, it will be taken up by the coming management board.

Karl shared an idea that the club could/should sponsor the hardware costs of building a club owned portable tap system. Something that looks nice, with various different keg connections, and portable enough to use for events like Menningarnótt, the beer festival at Kex, and any other events we add at any point. Generally positive reviews. Halldor offered to help arrange hardware purchases through haugen-gruppen, one of the 2014 sponsors of the club. This led to reviving the idea that the club should have some sort of flag/banner for these sorts of events as well. Also well received, and definitely a point for the coming management

Finally, we reached elections, at 21:05.

Siggi (æpiei) had stood for the position of president. Eyvindur had considered continuing, but withdrew his offer. He had not achieved what he had set out to do, and had been busier personally than expected. He fully supported what Siggi had announced policy wise http://fagun.is/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3103&start=25#p25084

As there were no other nominations, Siggi was elected president, and gave a short speech.

Dabby, Elvar and Plammi all requested that Karl continue as secretary. Elvar offered full support for translation work if needed. I was not extremely happy about this, but with Helgi not continuing as treasurer, and strongly wanting _someone_ to continue in the management from year to year, I accepted the nomination. My conditions were that I would, as I had this year, only do some of the secretary work, and that some traditional secretary roles, press releases and some of the contacts with sponsors and partners, would be handled by the president and treasurer. With no other nominations for secretary, I was elected without vote. (It's worth noting that Plammi would have stood for this position, but had already taken the skoðunamaður position)

For treasurer, Siggi nominated Ásta. Plammi also stood, on the condition that Ulfar take over as the skoðunamaður. Concerns were raised that Ásta never makes it to monthly meetings, and short presentations were made by both nominees. Both have experience in the management of social clubs, and a secret ballot was taken. Ásta was elected treasurer, with 9/15 votes, Plammi with 6/15 votes, 0 invalid votes cast.

Finally, we returned to the implications of the earlier law changes. The félagsgjald út 2014, and the félagsgjald for 2015 and the future. After lengthy and loud discussions, a simple proposal that the fee for the remainder of 2014 be simply 50% of whatever was decided for the 2015 year was unanimously agreed, 15/15 votes. (Alternative methods of counting, 7/12, and 2/3 were raised and discarded as needlessly complex and/or wrong)

Which led to the debate about félagsjald 2015 and beyond. Due to less than clear financial statements, as mentioned earlier, some people were unsure of any need to raise fees. Eyvindur and Karl both made pleas to raise the fees somewhat substantially. Fees have been flat since the club formed in 2008, before any hint of any sort of kreppa. The costs of events has gone up, as bus rentals have gone up substantially. The club has traditionally tried to make events free for members, to encourage membership, and allow the club to do bigger things, rather than have a very low membership fee, and charge members for every event. This model also greatly simplifies accounting for members, and for the treasurer. This model was generally well accepted as how the club wished to operate, so the decision became largely, "fees must go up, but how much"
Eyvindur proposed 6000kr per year, Hrafnkell proposed 5000kr per year. Eyvindur's proposal failed, with 3/17 votes for, 6/17 against. Hrafnkell's proposal passed, 14/17 for, 0 against.

Siggi, Elvar and Dabby's proposal that there be a "maka afslátt" of 50%, with partners having full rights of membership came to the floor. While no-one at all was opposed to the general idea, some issues with the implementation were raised. Would partner members be able to join limited size trips ahead of "full" members? How does one confirm who is a partner? Why can't two friends just declare to be partners for membership. Opinions that this was "obvious" who was a partner, and who wasn't, and that we should check with þjóðskrá and check addresses and similar were all raised. This was voted on, in the very simple form of "partners can be 100% full members for 50% price" This failed to pass, 8/17 votes for, 7 votes against. Due to noise in the room, and people getting new beers, and general loudness, a second vote was called. This again came out to 8/17 for, this time with 8 votes against. Expect to see this again in 2015, hopefully with clearer wording on how this will actually work.

With the new powers to form committes directly, Elvar proposed that a committee be formed to review, clarify and fix the existing club laws. Passed with 12/14 votes for, 1 vote against. Membership of this committe to be determined.

Elvar proposed that the club officially have other, less formal meetings, on other days than the traditional monday meetings. This could be at any place, not necessarily one that allows us to bring homebrew samples for tastings. No objections, coming management will take this on board and see what can be done here.

Siggi proposed that the club issue membership cards, and arrange formal discounts at bars/shops around the country. No objections, coming management will investigate.

Meeting finally closed at 22:20

Before, during and after the meeting, we all had beers leftover from the competition. It was very nice to taste all the different creations that had been entered. Thanks all for coming, wish there could have been more.

Karl Palsson (karlp)
Eyvindur Karlsson (eyvindur)
Halldor Halldorsson (halldor)
Sigurður Snorrason (æpiei)
Ásta Osk Hlöðvarsdottir (astaosk)
Pétur Waldorf (peturw)
Hrafnkell Magnusson (hrafnkell)
Elvar Ástraðsson (elvar)
Pálmi Ívar ??? (plammi) (Sorry, can't read your handwritng)
Davið Örn Benediktson (dabby)
Ulfar Linnet (ulfarlinnet)
?? (gni)
Johann Baldursson (jniels)
Bergur Benediktsson (n/a)
Helgi Sveinsson (helgibelgi)
Gunnar Oli (gunnarolis)
Ingi Már (???)
Rob Lilley (n/a)

There were two or three other people who came later who's names I didn't catch.
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